Rome conference - part 1

Discerno - closing conference

Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility

Project co-funded by the European Commission

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dell’Ara Pacis, Rome

20 June 2008


The closing conference is the final

event of a CEEP project whose

main objective is to promote CSR

in enterprises providing services of

general interest.


The aims of the conference were to:

contribute to the current debate on

CSR principles and instruments

explain what a company or enterprise

need to do in order to develop a

well-rounded CSR policy

clarify how do businesses effectively

communicate their policies to their

stakeholders share the best CSR

practise ascertained throughout this project.

The event was moderated by

Mr Patrice LEROY from CEEP,

the speakers were Mr Richard HOWITT

 a Member of the European Parliament,


the President of CEEP Italy,

Mr Raffaele MORESE

the President of Confservizi,

Mr Sergio Arzeni from OECD,

Mr Caspar EINEM

the President of CEEP and

Ms Mirielle FLAM

the Vice-president of CEEP.