Awarding Ceremony of the CEEP-CSR Label:
a unique moment

14 November 2012

European Parliament


A Mark of Good Business Behaviour in Providing Services of General Interest

Created under the frame of the European Commission co-funded project “Discerno”, the CEEP-CSR Label is a recognition for enterprises providing Public Services complying best with Corporate Social Responsibility.

This label raises the corporate image of the awarded enterprises showing that they do more than just providing services; they do it bearing the specific importance of the enterprise with regard to the relationships with the community, staff, environment and customers. This label is also a strong competitive advantage in tendering processes.

Today, more than ever, citizens are looking for providers of services of general interest that take their social responsibility seriously and can demonstrate their actions. CEEP is determined to help providers of Services of General Interest in Europe demonstrate their own CSR and to actively promote them and their initiative through the CEEP-CSR Label. The Label is a guarantee of responsible behaviour that reassures citizens, public authorities and other stakeholders about the behaviours and attitudes of the companies that they are dealing with.

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Established in 1961, CEEP is the European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing Public services. CEEP Europe, which has its headquarters in Brussels, is one of the three cross-industry Social Partner active at EU level and it represents the interests of public services in the European Social Dialogue.


Fédération des Epl (FedEpl)

French Federation of Local Public Enterprises
FedEpl represents the interests of 1 158 local public enterprises delivering services of general interest in France. The Federation develops their professional network and aims at increasing the performance of its member enterprises. These represent different sectors of activity: Regional and urban planning, housing, tourism, public transport,  environment and public utilities.



GEBALIS EEM is a municipality owned enterprise with public liability, in the area of Social Housing. Its mission is to “ensure the quality of life, social integration and autonomy of the residents, making the quarters/districts, within the scope of its responsibility, sustainable units in the social, patrimonial and financial areas, while promoting a strong sense of belonging”. The enterprise is responsible for 66 quarters, 23 500 homes, 730 non-residential places (most of them assigned to non-profit social organizations), and some green public spaces in the areas surroundings the social housing buildings territories. It has about 200 employees, from a wide range of professions and, aside its headquarters facilities, the enterprise has 14 local offices located throughout Lisboa, divided into 5 major areas of intervention: North West, West, South, North East and East. The strategy appropriated by Gebalis, when running community and environmental development projects is based on networking, integration, participation and negotiation methodologies.


bvöd (Bundesverband öffentliche Dienstleistungen) is a professional association within the public economic sector and deals with services of general economic interest.
It also represents the German section of the CEEP.

Members of BVÖD are local public enterprises and public utility companies as well as professional bodies of public employers, public utility companies, saving banks, head associations of cities and regions in Germany.



Berenschot is an independent organisation consulting firm with 450 employees in the Benelux. For over 70 years, we have worked for clients in both the public and private sectors. Berenschot is a thoroughly Dutch firm with an international orientation and a strong commitment to sustainability. The group is operating through Berenschot Belgium since 1962 in Brussels, the capital of Europe, and is a founding partner in the E-I Consulting Group, a European partnership of leading consulting firms. For more information:

Confservizi is the leading Italian representative association for the Local Public services. Confservizi represents more than 1600 organisation dealing with public services operating in the field of water, gas, energy, environment, health, local transport and many others.
Institutional activities carried out by Confservizi are: studying, institutional lobbying, legislative process delivering, promotion of entrepreneurship culture in public services and promotion of entrepreneurship culture among local authorities, workers assistance and


Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association. Currently, the Association represents more than 50 holding and investment companies, 15 branch chambers, 1200 industrial enterprises, employing altogether more than 170 000 people. BICA has developed widespread network of regional structures, covering more than 60 Bulgarian municipalities.
The Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association stands for the positions of its members, representing them in its relations with the state and public bodies in order to promote favourable business environment and to enhance the competitiveness and the successful performance of the Bulgarian business at the global marketplace.



KFS, The Swedish Organisation for Local Enterprises is an employers' organisation for companies in the municipal and county council sector. Our member companies are publicly or wholly/partly privately owned. KFS has around 600 member companies with a total workforce of about 35 000 employees. Our member companies represent many important industries: Energy, public transport, waste disposal, water and sewerage systems as well as personal assistance, schools, leisure and tourism, etc. We work to protect and promote the common interests of our member companies with respect to relations between the companies and their employees. Our aim is to help our members to be as efficient and competitive as possible.