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On 14 November 2016, 25 enterprises providing public services and services of general interests have been awarded the CEEP CSR Label. The awarding ceremony was held at the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (member of CEEP France) in Paris, and organised with CEEP France. A compendium of practices and enterprises awarded was also circulated at this occasion.

“This label is a demonstration that public services’ providers in Europe do more than fulfilling their services. They are also particularly conscious and active when it comes to positively impacting the society and the environment,” said Valeria Ronzitti, CEEP General Secretary.

Pascal Bolo, President of CEEP France, also emphasised the importance of CSR for public services’ enterprises and organisations. “CSR is part of their DNA, as public services’ enterprises and organisations combine the private interests and management practices and the values of the public. They answer the call for modernity and efficiency with a positive vision, favoring long-term views and perspectives and not only looking for short-term benefits. Those enterprises also use primarily local resources and contribute to jobs creation.”

Corporate social responsibility is a key element for the management of public services. For this reason, in 2008, CEEP created the CEEP-CSR Label in 2008. It was created to answer the need of enterprises providing public services to be recognised for their activities in the field of CSR, without label dedicated to public services’ providers.

The enterprises and organisations awarded in 2016 are:

Practices awarded with merit:. 

  • Ciliopée Groupe “Fight social isolation of older people”
  • EDG – Entsorgung Dortmund GmbH “Projects to support integration”
  • GEBALIS, EM “Together, we’ll take care of our neighbourhood”
  • SEMAEST “CoSto – Connected Stores”
Enterprises awarded:
  •  ACEA Ato2 S.p.A., Italy
  • Ambiente Servizi S.p.A., Italy
  • APS – Administração dos Portos de Sines e do Algarve, S.A., Portugal
  • BVG – Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe, Germany
  • Ciliopée Groupe, France
  • EDG – Entsorgung Dortmund GmbH, Germany
  • EMATSA – Empresa Municipal Mixta d’Aigües de Tarragona, Spain
  • Fyrishov AB, Sweden
  • GEBALIS, EM, Portugal
  • Gruppo Hera, Italy
  • Junta de Freguesia de Olivais, Portugal
  • Kraftringen Energi AB, Sweden
  • NGE Nantes, France
  • Perfect Union, France
  • SAEMES, France
  • Scape Group, United Kingdom
  • SEM Plaine Commune Développement, France
  • Séquano Aménagement, France
  • Groupe SERL, France
  • SIC – Société Immobilière de Nouvelle-Calédonie, France
  • SIDR – Société Immobilière du Département de la Réunion, France
  • SMA Torino S.p.A., Italy
  • SODEGIS, France
  • Stockholm Vatten AB, Sweden


CEEP launched today (21 December 2015) the 2016 edition of the CEEP-CSR Label. All providers of public services can apply for the Label, which aims at awarding enterprises and organisations providing Services of General Interest with outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility commitments. The Label is a tool for those awarded to benchmark their actions in CSR and compare them with those of other providers in Europe.

Applicants will go through a 3-stage process:

1.           Online self-assessment tool;

2.           Evaluation of the application by external experts, based on additional information sent by applicants who successfully passed the first stage;

3.           Selection of the awarded enterprises by an independent jury and awarding process.

“Providers and employers of public services and SGIs do more than just fulfil their duties. The CEEP CSR Label is a token of the strong and positive impact that they can also have on the social and environmental aspects of society” explained Valeria Ronzitti, CEEP General Secretary.

Since 2008, more than 100 enterprises have been awarded. The CEEP-CSR Label has contributed to raising their corporate image, also increasing their chances in tendering processes.

During the last edition of 2014, 74 enterprises completed the online self-assessment and 24 received  the CEEP-CSR Label during an Awarding Ceremony held in October 2014.



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